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What type and where do i get a Xbox 360 Live ethernet cable?


ive been to bestbuy, staples, gamestop (two of them) and radioshack. everyone one of them only sells a normal ethernet cable.i bought a normal cable but when i follow every step online for connecting xbox live to a laptop with wireless connection to the router.it doesnt work, so i returned it. but then on a few site i found out that it needs a usb end and a ethernet end.so two seperate different ends of the cable. i cant find it anywhere. so am i right about which cable i need because 360 does have a usb port above a ethernet port. i just dont know what to do.anyone know what to do and where to find the correct cord. i know the 360 comes with them but i was given this 360 so i dont have one. any help? i need to know where to get one. I REFUSE to spend 100 DOLLARS on a wireless xbox live router or whatever its called.thanks

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  1. Any normal/regular/ordinary ethernet cable will work. It will have the same plug on both ends. That plug is called an RJ45, but it looks like a telephone plug only just a bit wider. If you count the tiny little wires inside the plug, there should be eight, in various colours.

    One end plugs into the ethernet jack on the back of the xbox (it should be the only jack that the plug will fit into). The other end plugs into your network device, whether that is your laptop, a switch, router, etc.

    If you are plugging the Xbox360 directly into your laptop and the laptop is connecting to your wireless access point, you will have to enable something called “internet connexion sharing” or ICS. The process for that is different depending on what operating system you’re using and I wouldn’t recommend it for a variety of reasons. But, if you are unable or unwilling to connect the Xbox360 directly to a router or switch it will have to do.

  2. If you buy a standard usb cable it will work, you actually need to use them both if you’re going that route. its a bit more involved but possible, i did it that way for a short time. the best thing to do is just connect your ethernet cable directly to your modem if you have one. its fast easy and gives you the absolute best connection for xbox live.

  3. for the situtation you are in you need to allow the network when you plug in your laptop and xbox because your laptop won’t automaticly allow you xbox to have the net. im sorry but am unsure on how to do it my friend did mine for me hes a PC geek

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