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What should I know about an XBox 360?


What should I know about an XBox 360, When I go to buy one? Like, Do I need to buy anything that doesn’t come with the game system? Thank you so much.

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  1. Buy the Xbox 360 Pro($300). It should have everything u need.

    Extra Gear:

    -another controller

    -rechargeable batteries and a charger

    -Halo 3

    -Xbox Live subscription card

    -wireless adapter


  2. I’d buy the Gears of war package thats currently on deal in stores and tv ads.

    comes with Gears of war 1 and gears of war 2 ,new Xbox360 pro jasper probably manufactured in 2009 because I’ve got one.Actually bought this like a week ago. Anyways it comes with everything you actually need.

    But if you want to play online then you need to purchase xboxLive GOLD membership cards and ofcourse broadband connection. wireless accessory for xbox360 is necessary if you are sharing internet connection with someone else :S

  3. Make sure you buy a brand new Xbox 360 that comes with the Jasper chip so that you can avoid the overheating issue. Any 360 made in the year or 2 will have it. A second controller and hard drive are absolute necessities. A nice peripheral would be the wireless internet adaptor. It’s $99 but, it makes things easier and there’s less cord mess. Halo 3 might also be an essential ;] Here’s some reviews on the 360.

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  4. . a comfortable chair, pina colda mix, call of duty, and make sure you have a decent tv and you’re set. But do yourself a favour, don’t be cheap buy the 360 arcade.

  5. Unless you buy a package with 2 controllers and want to play games with a buddy , picking up another controller isnt a bad idea

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