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What is the price of a PlayStation 3?


I am looking, but there are only bundles on some sites. Just the original package with no bundles.


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  1. The 120gb slim ps3 is $299.99, and the 250gb slim is $349.99. If you download alot of stuff off the internet you may want to get the 250, but if not i couldnt rly justify getting it. Plus, if you ever run out of space with the 120 you can just get an external laptop hard drive for about $90.

  2. Check dealnews.com Also check dell.com for coupons. I know Bing was offering cashback if you sign up for hotmail and use their shopping: different percentages depending on the site just search for Bing cashback also check paypal for discounts. Good luck.

  3. The ps3 slim 120GB is 299.99 and the ps3 slim 250GB is 349.99. i would suggest getting the 120 version because 120GB is still a lot of room! i have a 1GB memory card for my psp and it fits about 30 games so imagine how many games the 120GB will be able to hold! this is my opinion but if u are an extreme gamer who downloads games every 2 seconds and plays 24 hours a day get the 250GB. but if you are a normal person who enjoys video games but not too much get the 120GB.

  4. As most have said, 299. There is also a 250gb version which you wont need unless you aer downloading tons of movies and other things like that. That version is 349 though. Check out gamestop, they often have Refirbished consoles for less than 299. This means the product had a scratch, dent, or hardware issue, but was fixed by sony and licenced to resell. Still has warranty too

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