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What is ps3 bricking?



  1. on any console the term bricked means it’s frozen or has been disabled and is as useful as a brick

    if you use unauthorized software , hack a console etc. and then try installing an updated firmware it gets bricked , it can’t be fixed , can’t be returned under warranty and is a doorstop ( like a brick )

    on a ps3 , if you use a jailbreak or hack it or install cfw then try playing online , playing a newer game with an update on the disc or update it’s system software with official firmware then Sony disables the console ( actually the new fw or software on the game disc will disable it ) and you’d get a permanent console and psn ban by Sony.

    edit :

    if you sell a bricked ( or banned ) ps3 , whether to gamestop or another person without telling them you can be arrested for fraud and/or sued for a refund and punitive damages.

    you are defrauding a buyer if you knowing sell an unusable product without telling them and putting it in writing on the receipt.

    if your ps3 is bricked it’s worthless , that other person will be getting a phone call or letter from a lawyer soon because gamestop will test the ps3 and have his name , address and id on file and he defrauded them.

  2. Basically, it means your PS3 is unusable. If this happened to you, I would recommend, taking out the hard drive, selling the system to Gamestop and buying a new one.

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