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What is better Xbox one or ps4?



  1. It really comes down to preference, Devs already said this generation of consoles is much closer than the last. Both are great gaming machines. I switched from PS1/2/3 to Xbox One and I love every single bit of it. I personally find Xbox Live better than PSN. My Xbox is extremely quiet and cool even after hours of playing Battlefield 4. I heard the PS4 has a lot of overheating issues and loud fan problems. Xbox One hasn’t had any problems since launch besides a few people with noisy disk drives. The reason I went with Xbox is because it has the games I want to play, preferably Titanfall. In the end, it all comes down to preference like I said, buy the console that’s going to have the games YOU want to play.

  2. Why do you care for other peoples opinions. you should choose for yourself, your personal preference. Both are equal and good in their own ways

  3. Well you’re asking in the Xbox Section so mostly everyone will be partial to Xbox, but I say PS4. Better graphics because it has an AMD Radeon 7700 series GPU it’s more gamer oriented, but there is Netflix, Youtube, Crunchyroll, Hulu, and a fully functional browser which I love. You’ll get more support from Sony and if something is wrong you can just call them whereas on Xbox they don’t really help. I remember one time I gave this guy my username and password and he stole my account the next day I called Sony and got him banned! And got my account back too! You’re going to be getting the latest greatest indie games, and more exclusives to boot. And unlike Xbox, PSN gives free games every month too, this month we are receiving Metro: Last Light, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom, BioShock Infinite, DmC: Devil May Cry Borderlands 2, not to mention great discounts so I say PS4. There will also be new software coming out that will let you play PS3 games on the PS4!

  4. “Better” is an open questions really. It all comes down to what you want it to do. So much of the fanboy discussions is about Speed, Framerates, Resolution etc. The key factors for any device is what can it do, and does it match your needs. Ignore the technical arguments as it boils down to the fact the PS4 is designed as a gaming device, it will have alot of single player games that are 3rd person action/adventure and Sony have done a great job of it. For initial power it is faster than the Xbox One and easier to develop games for. Sony are developing the ability to play older PS games on it, but I think it’s a bit pointless playing PS2 games on a PS4. Nostalgia only lasts for a short time.

    The Xbox One is alot more flexible. XBox LIVE is easily the best Online Service around, and Kinect is amazing on the Xbox One. You will also have the exclusive like Halo, Fable, Gears , Titanfall Forza, Dead Rising etc. It connects to your other devices so you can be watching TV and switch to your game etc. It’s a bit harder to develop for but MS are known for being a bit slow for developers to get the full power out of the hardware and it’s got alot of potential.

    Overall, my opinion is if you like Online games, Kinect and want to do alot of things then get an XBox One. If you like single player games and want a wider choice then get a PS4. Both are just as good as eachother but time will tell which is actually “Best” and this will be down to the games and services and not the “Power” like Sony fanboys like to hold onto.

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