Home Xbox Forum What are the consequences of flashing your xbox 360?

What are the consequences of flashing your xbox 360?


What are the pros and cons of flashing an Xbox 360? Is this connected with the RRoD or 3RL?

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  1. That’s a mixed answer because they are kinda sorta related in a sense.

    The immediate consequence is the risk of facing suspension and permanent banishment at the console S/N level. Not to mention a few recent measures that fiendishly slow down your console making it virtually impossible to use – even offline.

    The long term consequence is that if you flash your XBOX and it subsequently goes RROD or E74, you will no longer be able to have it repaired / replaced for free because that’s one of the standard pre-tests they conduct prior to resolving your break fix (hard & soft mod verification).

    Good Luck!

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