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What are the biggest problems with the PS3?


Besides its price, delay, and compatibility with other Playstation games.

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  1. Price is not as bad as people would have you believe. $500 dollars is very reasonable for what you are getting with the system. Mine has no problem playing all my old school PS1 and PS2 games at all. (this was originally a problem for systems in Europe, but it has been fixed through free firmware updates).

    My Wii gets hotter than my PS3 does, so the overheating thing is also a rumor that is being proven false. The only complaint that I have is the lack of rumble in the controller, but I don’t find myself missing it while I play really.

    To Burning,

    I have heard that too, but then I see titles like Guitar Hero 3, Assassian’s creed, COD 4 and many others getting released across the systems on time, so it kind of kills that argument.

  2. The only thing that I don’t like about it is that it’s a little bit on the loud side, and it still doesnt have the complement of good titles I think it should have by this point.

  3. it gets really really hot, really really fast. Also, in order to really experience the HD quality of blu ray you gotta have an HDTV with up to 1080, which I have, and totally rocks.

    oh yeah. not much.

  4. I have had two ps3’s and so far both of them freeze alot. And sometimes when I go to shut it off it never fully shuts off so than you have to turn it off at the back which is not good for the PS3.

  5. One thing that is difficult for Sony to deal with the PS3, is the lack of Game makers that can make the Games for It, Ive heard that Making games for PS3 is not the same for other Game Makers and Producers of other game systems like Microsoft’s Xbox 360, and Nintendo’s Wii. For example the game: Saints Row officially produced for Xbox 360 should have alwready been launched for PS3 a few months ago, but it hasn’t because of its hardware, so many game producers have a Hard time dealing with is so therefore, it might take longer for specific games to be launched for the PS3.

  6. 200 games currently out for ps3, 300 more by spring 2008. First of all game developers have no problems developing games for the PS3.Some quality developers release the multiplatform games to 360 early because the 360 only has 8gig s of space on their dvd game format discs and the 360 doesn’t have full 3d and 4d motion realism.THe ps3 versions of multiplatform games by quality companies come out later because the ps3 has 50 gig blueray game discs and full 3d and 4d motion realism so they spend the extra time tweeking the graphics and physics of the ps3 version. Good examples of this are games like Call of duty 4, Rainbow six , and DIrt. the graphics and physics are better on the ps3 version.

    Most of the games on the 360 had already been released to the ps2 so that is why some were not reproduced for the ps3.Play the ps2 version on the ps3 and it upscales it to hd.

    Ubisofts next game release is exclusive to ps3 it’s called haze out on Jan 15th. As far as game freezing this only happens when people leave their information bar active during gaming. Simple fix disable the News and Information bar when gaming.

    The 60 gig and 80 gig play almost all of the ps2 games and it even upscales ps2 games to full Hd quality.

  7. well theres nothing bad about it. i had it since december 25th last year and i had no problems with it. so if you want to buy it go get it and if you like war games and sports get madden 08 and Call Of Duty 4.

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