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Trouble connecting ethernet cable to PS3.?


So I have a wireless router in my basement and until now, I’ve been using my wireless connection to go online on my ps3. However, in order to get a perfect, solid connection, I need to use a direct ethernet cable that goes into the ps3. Problem is, my router is connected to my computer and I don’t know how I can connect it from my basement to my bedroom (where my ps3 is). Is there an easier way to get the ethernet cable to my ps3? Could I just buy another router that uses the same internet connection I’m paying for? Any help would be great. Please and thanks.

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  1. You are going to have to use the router in your basement one way or another. You could buy another router but you would have to connect it to your first router, and that would not solve the problem of being too far from the main router.

    If you have cabling in your walls that you can use, take advantage of that.

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