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superslim ps3 hdd chaging help?


so i really want some games, but my ps3 is only 12 gb, the flash memory, i just need to know the steps, i went into the playstation support and said i just need to buy the mounting brakte the hdd, and thats it stick it in and all my data will still be there. but do i need a flash drive to install my old game data or the new software?. Thanks

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  1. to swap in a hard drive you’ll need the bracket and hard drive and a flash drive to get the system software from the playstation website so you can update the firmware.

    the entire process takes about 5 minutes , just take off the hdd cover by sliding your thumbs while pressing down and you’ll see an empty cavity for the hdd

    now attach the hdd to the bracket with the 4 screws included with the bracket and stick the hdd and bracket in the slide it to get it in tight , attach one screw to hold it in place

    now put the cover on and plug in your ps3 , you’ll need that flash drive with the fw on it so put that into a usb port now

    now turn on the ps3 , you’ll be notified there is an hdd detected and that to use it you have to disable use of the flash memory so click yes to doing that

    now you’ll format the hard drive which takes a few seconds then press start and select on your controller to install the firmware update

    that’s all there is to it

    if you want your game saves you can use playstation plus onlie storage , for game data just install that from the game disc(s) and update the game(s)

    you’ll have to sign into your psn account again and do your usual setup but thats easy enough

    I’ll give you a link to a hard drive and bracket ( I’ll just do 500GB and larger HDDs since you may as well get a bigger one and a 500GB is not too much more money than a 160 or 250GB one but any 2,5 sata 5400 rpm hdd is going to work )



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