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Should I get PS3 slim or super slim?


I’m planning to buy a ps3 but i don’t know what to choose should i choose slim or super slim well if there is a multiplayer differences i don’t really mind i am more comfortable to play singleplayer than multiplayer thanks in advance.

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  1. Both are the same when it comes to gaming. I mean, absolutely the same. Hardware wise they are also the same. They both use Sony’s own CELL Processor and nVidia RSX graphics processing unit. Both are air cooled.

    The biggest difference is, their design and blu-ray drive. The Sony PlayStation Slim is bigger and looks more robust and tough with its matte finish. Plus its blu-ray drive has a slot loading mechanism. You can’t get classier than a slot loading. It just looks and sounds cool, sliding discs in and out. The PlayStation Super Slim on the other hand uses a common top loading mechanisim. The upper part of the PS3 now houses the drive cover, which slides to revel the drive. Also the PS3 Super Slim has a “corrugated” design with glossy finish here and there. The whole unit is remarkably lighter and smaller than the PS3 Slim. But it also looks very cheap and plasticky, especially the blu-ray drive. The sound it makes when sliding the drive cover is just horrible.

    If I were to choose from the two I would get the Slim even if the SuperSlim has a bigger storage choice at 500GB while the max provided by Sony for the Slim is 320GB. The hard drive is user upgradeable in both cases. So I would choose the Slim for its better blu-ray drive and design.

    Hope I helped!

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