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Replacement cable for PS3 Fat?


BELKIN Pro Series Computer AC Power Replacement Cable – 1.8 m

[url is not allowed]

As stupid as I am, I managed to foolishly lose my mains cable for the PS3 Fat. So I need a new one. I’ve searched online, but I’m only 14 so I really don’t want to go around asking parents to buy me a cable on eBay or Amazon. So I don’t want people saying I have to get it from there, or I SHOULD. I already know I should -_-

The link above leads to the cable which I think is the one that plugs into the PS3 fat. Is it the correct one? My PS3 fat is 80gb if that helps.

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  1. its a standard PC power cable. you can walk into maplin or currys or any electrical store and get one, theyre really common.

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