1. Xbox : the last year and a half

    PS3 : Now and for the rest of this “generation”.

    All Xbox had at e3 was Halo. As a Xbox owner I am a little tired of Halo carrying this system. Its getting played out. PS3 had way more games and way more exclusive games than 360. PS3 has already caught up and passed 360 in graphics and with all the add ons you need for a 360 you spend almost $800 bucks!

    360 (PREMIUM) $400

    HD DVD DRIVE $200



    XBOX LIVE $50 (per year)

    $790 plus tax

    PS3 60 gb $500 ($600 for 80 gb in the fall)

    and by the end of the year will have all the best games out and does more than 360 right out of the box. Its just better. 360 is a great system but it not PS3’s equal.

  2. does anyone realize that ps3 plays bluray? its the future of dvd’s and it would save you $900-1000 from not buying in a bluray player

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