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PS3 shuts down.?


My ps3 has been shutting down. Just around one or two times I turn it on, and the whole think will shut down after about 3 minutes. And its not like a regular shut down, all the lights are off it almost looks like it looses power. I press the button the red light turns on, I press it again, and then the whole console turns on and its fine for like the rest of the day. Do you think its a hardware issue? Corupted file issue? Power supply issue? The outlit has an extended one plugged in with all the slots full. Then the top outlit just has the PS3 plugged in it. This is a ps3 160g slim, and is only about 3 days old. I called sony because this is my 3RD ps3 with the other two have a freezing problem. They said they would ship a box. The only thing I put on the hardrive was music. Could it be a corrupted music file that is throwing the console off balance?



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  1. It’s most likely defective, mine did the same thing and then it would never come back on. You need to contact support and ship it to them. But they sent my PS3 back twice without fixing it. It took over a month or two. You need to ship it to them as soon as you can before the warranty isn’t available.


    if it is only 3 days old then take it back to the store and get a new one. it is still returnable to the store and if that doesnt work then you can send it back to sony because it is still under warranty. but dont wait do it NOW

    i had the same thing happen and i took care of it right away.

    and i dont think its a music file that is throwing it off balance because i have never heard of that happening


    yeah if you dont want to deal with gamestop then just deal with sony. they should be able to handle it for you with no problems. keep this question open and tell us how it went for you in the additional details option so we know what dto do if ours breaks. mine isnt under warranty anymore but my nephew is getting one soon

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