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PS3 or Xbox360, Wich is better?



  1. Both systems have there advantages.

    xbox 360 has a better game collection and xbox live is really nice

    PS3 has blue-ray and “better graphics”

    I personally would go with xbox 360 because the graphics are about the same as the ps3 and for xbox live

  2. hi

    all these people told u the advantages of each console and didnt tell u one important thing.PS3 games havn’t been hacked yet so the games r sold at very high prices coz that the blu-ray DVD’s r expiensive.in my country PS3 game cost from 40$ to 90$.r u ok with this do u like to pay this money on a game that u may not even llike?

    on the other hand the Xbox360 is an ordinary DVD’s and its been hacked and sold in price of couple of dollers

    and FYI.they both have the same games and the graphics on xbox360 is better.now u choose

  3. As mentioned by someone here, posting this question in the Playstation section means many of the answers will be biased towards the PS3, just as they would be biased towards the 360 in the XBox section.

    Anyway, if anyone tells you one of these consoles sucks, then ignore the reply because, both are GREAT consoles. 🙂

    And don’t listen to the fanboys (especially those with LONG lists of reasons or those who think specs shows which is better ;)), since they will try to convince you that the 360 or PS3 is better or worse, often by using lies, exaggeration and uninformed opinions to support their personal views.

    Both the 360 and PS3 have their advantages and disadvantages and are of _similar_ power (as confirmed by devs who create games for both consoles, and from multi-format games), with the PS3 potentially having a slight edge overall, especially for exclusive games.

    So what’s my verdict on which console you should buy?

    BUY A CONSOLE BASED UPON THE GAMES YOU WANT TO PLAY, not based upon what certain people say or think. That’s the most important thing. So see what’s on offer for the PS3, see what’s on offer for the 360, both exclusive and multi-format games, and make up your mind based upon the console that has the games which appeals to YOU the most. 🙂

    Also, if you can, find a friend who is a fan of the PS3 and another who is a fan of the 360, and let them ‘sell’ the console to you, hopefully by showing you some of the best games available and allowing you to play them. And once again, don’t allow them to make up your mind for you. do it yourself based upon what you’ve seen and experienced.

    Good luck on your choice, but you’ll be happy with either console imo. 🙂

  4. The PS3 has a lot of bugs but it has a faster processor and potentially better graphics. It is also free online. The xbox360 has less issues, cost money online and a larger selection of games to play.

  5. You’re going to get answers that are biased in PS3’s favour because you posted in the PlayStation section.

    Anyway, I would say XBOX at this time. Great online play, great variety of games, HD capable, user friendly. The only thing holding it back is reliability.

    PS3 is very capable with Blu Ray, any Hard Drive can go in it, incredibly good graphical capabilities, Six axis and future proof with Blu Ray but from what I have heard it has terrible online, some game require installation and it takes about an hour to update (opposed to the 2mins XBOX takes).

    From a gaming standpoint XBOX 360: great online (even if you have to pay), engrossing a, keeps you in the know with what’s happening in the gaming world (Inside XBOX) and a lot more.

    Even Sony kind of admitted it as they had to overhaul their online service and introduce HOME and the in game XMB (rip off of the XBOX’s Guide) just to compete with XBOX Live and the 360. Don’t forget the ability to play your own music, something that PS3 is only just getting.

    Controllers – In my opinion, both controllers have their pros and cons.

    PS3: Controller design is essentially 15 years old. Not a bad design but not as ergonomical as the 360 controller. Still, it works, nice six axis feature, not as heavy as the XBOX’s one and intergrated battery.

    XBOX 360: Very ergonomical and a completely new design. They’ve made it smaller than the original, colour coded buttons so you can easily recognise them. The Quadrant of light thing is easy to see (unlike where they placed the lights on the PS3 one), feels very solid and has removable batteries.

    Think of the battery thing this way: when the PS3 controller’s battery runs out, you have to plug it in to your PS3, losing the wireless part of the control but you can keep playing.

    With the XBOX one, when the power runs out just change the batteries and keep playingm, keeping your wireless capability or if you have a quick charge kit, recharge the battery and put regular ones in the control while you wait.

    As for disc scratching, the XBOX can do this but this is only if you move it while it is playing, therefore it is safer to have it horizontally.In that aspect PS3 is better.

    PS3 will get a lot better but right now its capabilities aren’t being used to their maximum potential hence why XBOX looks like the better console. Wait till June and then we’ll see for sure.

  6. PS3 is better. features in it are better than those of the xbox 360 and also it is produced by company that concentrates primarly on games which is why ps game are better although cost a bit more.

    btw u can check the prices of that two consoles here [url is not allowed]

  7. The PS3 is currently the best system out and don’t be swayed just because the 360 sells more systems(in America anyway). All you have to do is compare the specs of both systems and you can see that the xbox 360 will start having problems supporting next-gen games (such as the game being too big to fit on one regular dvd). Also the ps3 has some great upcoming features such as home and some incredible exclusive games that are only possible on the ps3 such as MGS4. I personally have considered all 3 systems and I decided that the ps3 was the best way to go.

    BLU-RAY: Blu-ray is now the only HD disc for movies and games now that HD DVD dropped out. Blu-ray discs for the ps3 means HUGE games with unbelievable amount of detail and incredible clarity of the graphics because of the large amount of space that is available on a blu-ray disc. Also it’s the cheapest blu-ray player available on the market for high def movies.

    HOME: If you don’t know what “Home” is then you are missing one of the main reasons to buy the ps3. HOME is a free community that will soon be available for the ps3 via a firmware update (one of the other great features of the ps3). You make an avatar of yourself, make a house, and then explore the community talking to people and playing free games against them or hooking up to play a game you have already such as Warhawk or any other online game. Here’s a video that will show you how awesome it will be. [url is not allowed].

    FREE ONLINE: Although right now the PSN (Playstation Network) is not quite as good as Xbox Live it is very good and soon will surpass Xbox Live because of HOME. Also it is completely free and a wireless receiver is built in so all you need is a wireless router or you can choose a wired connection. Also you can download demos, buy games (such as PAIN which I love!!), or download themes for your ps3. Also via firmware update will be accomplishments which is basically the same as xbox’s achievements except you will have a 3d trophy room with 3d trophies that you can literally walk around and show off to all your friends.

    MEDIA CENTER: You can save movies, photos, and games on your ps3 and have plenty of memory to spare. With 40 or 80gb you don’t have to be afraid of filling up your hard drive.

    GREAT GAMES: Some Xbox fanboys will brag that xbox has a lot more games than the ps3. Overall this is untrue. The only two exclusives xbox really has is Halo 3 (which seems overrated to me) and Gears of War. PS3 has some incredible titles like Drake’s uncharted fortune, Warhawk, Motorstorm, Resistance (Resistance 2 coming out soon) and lots of others. And overall multiplatform games look better on the ps3 because it has a lot more “horsepower” than xbox. Also this spring and summer is going to give PS3 owners something to look forward to with MGS4, Littlebigplanet, Haze and lots of others plus HOME and the in game XMB. I think this year will prove that the ps3 really is superior to xbox

    Overall the ps3 has much more horsepower and potential than the xbox 360 and the wii. Also the playstation will be receiving incredible games in the future such as MGS4 which will be exclusive to the PS3 because of the disc space available on a blu-ray disc. The ps3 also is MUCH more reliable than the 360s 33% failure rate.


    p.s. The xbox 360 was also an option for me but when I compared them I wanted the best console I could get and the one that will be better overall. The 360 came out a year before PS3 and got a head start with games but the PS3 is quickly catching up with awesome games coming. Oh yeah and online for the PS3 is just every bit as good and better than Xbox live because it’s free and the soon (hopefully) release of Home.

  8. I have been told that Xbox360 is the better choice. I believe that PS3 was off the market for a bit because of complications. A friend of mine has a PS3 and told me that Xbox360 is much better. His PS3 constantly freezes (Brand New might I add). Well I am hoping that this helped you! -Magdalene 🙂

  9. Cost – uk prices


    Arcade (no HDD) – £149.99

    120gb HDD – £129.99

    12 Month Online – £34.99

    WiFi connector – £54.99

    Camera – £34.98

    DVD remote – £17.99

    Wireless Headset – £32.99

    Controller charger cable – £12.99

    Rechargable battery pack – £9.99

    HD DVD drive (useless) – £99.99

    64mb memory card – £11.99

    Gamepad – £29.99

    Total – £617.87


    40gb Console – £284.99

    120gb HDD – £33.52

    12 Month Online – Free

    WiFi connector – Included

    Camera – £22.66

    DVD remote – £9.99

    Wireless Headset – (from)£4.99

    Controller charger cable – £5.99

    Rechargable battery pack – N/A (contained within controller)

    Blu Ray DVD drive – Included

    64mb USB memory stick – £2.71

    Gamepad – £27.98

    Total – £387.84

    the 360 costs 1.593105 times as much as the PS3

    Online Gaming – there is no difference, any lag or slowdown whilst playing online is due to your’s or your opponants connection not the server. the only ‘upper hand’ the 360 has in online is the feature to text each other – but what use is that when your trying to shoot people?

    Range of games – most games are on both consoles, the ones that are on the 360 but not the PS3 are mainly variations of FPSs – and if you’ve got 1 or 2 then you don’t need 7 others (360 has NO exclusives they’re all avaliable on the PC) – the PS3 exclusives are varied genres and are not avaliable on any other console, yes maybe the 360 has a larger ammount of games but when they’re all the same genre who cares – and don’t forget the 360 has been out over a year longer than the PS3 and therefore has an extra years worth of games (even though most of these came out on the PS2 aswell)

    Controllers – there is a question about it, the ugly large offset strage thing you use for the 360 is not comfortable – the anologue sticks being offset is not the best position (Microsoft only did this so they wouldn’t infringe on any copyright from Sony)you end up holding the controller on an angle (even if you think you don’t trust me you do) the big charger pack on the back gives no space to put your fingers, the a,b,x,y buttons are mishapen too – and its still TOO BIG. The ps3s controller has no such problems – anologue sticks right in line with each other and all the buttons in close proximity to easily skip from one to another and smooth, and there’s no battery pack to wory about.

    the red ring of death has not gone away – down to 16% failure rate from 33% failure rate – but still not as good as PS3s 0.02% failure rate, and even after you’ve sent it back once there’s still no guarentee it won’t happen again – i know a number of people who have sent theirs back 3 or 4 times. The 360 is much louder and it will scratch your disks

    My cousins 360 Elite scratched his copy of SKATE so badly the level disappeared whislt playing it – only the 2nd day of owning the console.

  10. There is no better to be honest, just depends what you want. XBOX live is awesome. PS3 has blue-ray which is so worth it if you are into high def movies.

    I have the 360 though and am really happy with it, my uncle has them both and he uses his ps3 just as much as his 360. Cost really isn’t an issue, they come out about the same, 360 is cheaper but, after all the add-ons and XBOX live they come out to about the same price.

    They are both good consoles, if I could choose again though I would go 360 again. Gears of War alone makes the 360 console worth it, halo 3 is blah but whatever.

    Up to you though, no real better, multimedia vs. better online play and at the moment better games.


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