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PS3 not detecting HDMI cable?


ive had my ps3 displaying 1080p through HDMI for 6 months, then i decide to take it to a friends house by using composite cables, when i bring it back, i plug everything back in and try setting up my HDMI again, however this time, the HDMI is no longer detected, so when i try switching, all i get is a black screen for 30 seconds, i switch to the HDMI channel and nothing is being detected, Someone plz tell what im doing wrong here.

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  1. 1 – Turn on TV and set input to port being used.

    2 – Make sure PS3 is connected via correct cable.

    3 – Power on PS3 via power button and HOLD IT for 5 seconds (release after the second beep). It should automatically configure your PS3 to the TV’s native resolution for all settings.

  2. ok, you have to reset the resolution. turn the system off by switch on the back, and turn it back on, when powering on, hold the power button on the front as it comes on until u hear a beep. then it should reconvert back to hdmi settings. hope this helps

  3. First off, what you have to do is go to video setting where you can set it up to HDMI while it’s those 30 seconds swich the plug in the back from composite to HDMI, make sure your HDTV is set to the channel also. Don’t use HDMI cables that are gold plated, Copper works best!

    you should be able to press source on your remote for the TV and it should swtich to it, depending on how many things you have connected to your TV it should automatically find it.

  4. yeah do what eric said.

    turn it off, and then when turning it on, HOLD the touch power button for about 10 seconds. you will hear a second beep and the display settings will be reset. you can then choose it to output through hdmi 1080p

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