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u know how u have to charge the controllers on the ps3? can u also connect it to the usb in ure comp? and also, can u plug the ipod charger in the wall (the white wall piece) and plug the controller in there? or will none of these work except the plugging into the ps3?

thanks 😀

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  1. the computer deffinatley works, im doing it right now, but the wall willnot work, the controllers do not recognise that the usb is pluged in with a wall connection. i have only tried an MP3 charger but i dont like apple products (so i dont own eny of them) but it wont hurt to try. the worst that can happen is that it doesnt charge so go for it 🙂

    Hope i am of assistance

  2. Any USB port which can provide power can charge the controller. This means that plugging it into the Computer will definitely work and it should also work for the iPod charger (or any similar USB wall plug). As long as the lights start flashing, it is charging.

  3. I wouldn’t risk doing any of those, but I know my friend would charge his blackberry on the usb from my ps3 and it really worked and never caused issues.

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