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Playstation 4 made in China?


Please enlighten me, I am here in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, and I’ve been canvassing for the least price I can get for Ps4. I found one on a stall (outside malls) but the seller told me it’s made in China, so I hesitated at first, but it looked like the real deal.

Are they authentic or fake? Where should authentic PS4 be made of manufactured?

The price difference is not so much big as to those being sold in the malls, but still, it would be cool if I price can be less as to buy more games.

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  1. If I were you, i’d get it from a trusted retailer such as big stores in the malls you mentioned or even online. This way you will have the “real deal” and a warranty. It could be a smart fake, and they could be ripping you off.

  2. all playstation consoles are built in China , they are designed in Japan by sony which is a japanese company but its cheaper to have the factory in china where wages are lower than in Japan

    you may also be interested to know that xbox consoles are made in Mexico , for the same reason as playstations are built in a chinese factory , lower wages and cheaper costs to run the factory mean the company can make more profit and sell the console cheaper

  3. The vast majority of authentic PS4s are produced by the Hangfujin Yantai factory, in China.

    Some people around the Eurozone report that their PS4s say they were made in Japan. So while it is true that some consoles are produced there, China does the bulk of Sony’s manufacturing so there’s nothing inherently suspicious about seeing a PS4 made there.

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