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New xbox live gamertag?


Recently my friends and I decided to leave our clan, and I’m stumped on a gamertag for xbox live.

I want something that shows I’m a girl, but nothing annoying.

I’m a friend maker but sometimes snappy and

I play games such as assassins creed, (basically that)

And I play borderlands, uh oblivion, red dead redemption, sometimes black ops and modern warfare, please I’m so stuck. I also play this nerdy game for WII called monster hunter tri, and I love French things >_> if that helps.

Last Ike I asked this I got stupid replys like “shutthefup” and “there’s an xbox in your kitchen?” if you can take it seriously don’t comment.

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  1. MademoiselleFräulein

    Mademoiselle- The French-language equivalent of “miss” (ma = “my” + demoiselle = “little lady” or “my girl”)

    Fräulein- (“little woman”), an older but similar German term, now often considered to be derogatory, especially when applied to adults.

    Add spaces, number etc to how you would see fit. Thats all I can think of for now. But if you want more feel free to as or email me.

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