Home Xbox Forum need a black ops clan for xbox 360 only?

need a black ops clan for xbox 360 only?


i made a new clan called rest! this clan does mostly sniping and quick scoping. eithier one will be fine. or at least with an assult rifle.

requirments for the clan-

-have atleast 2 sniper unlocked

-above level 25+

-and does not rage quit, yell, or act crazy in clan chat

-and is good at following directions for a tactical team deathmatch

first 3 people that make in the clan are the co-owners

thats right you have the power for the whole time i am off. but there is no overdoing it on the ownership either

if you have any questions ,polite question, please leave them in the awnser box below. btw this is also a nazi zombie clan.

my name is Xx hOlyDuSK xX if you want to join plz add me or tell me to add you.

ps. dont leave a comment if you do not want to join/ ask questions

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  1. Ill come see if you guys are good and then we’ll see, I haven’t played in a while but I’m a legit 10th prestige lv 70, I almost always snipe as if its not a quick scope then it bores me, I only play for the quick scopes or head shots for camos, GT is LOL UR GFS FACE, invite me to a party or game dont matter, name the gun, and or whatever you want, today I work but I will be on around 9 pm mountain time being right now its almost 1 30pm, also tomorrow if you dont catch me before then.

  2. I’ll join. I am a lvl 50 2nd prestige. I am good with bolt action/ with acog and variable. But I’m kind of a leader and use my teammates for deffence when I snipe. I’m ok at quickscopes but prefer just snipeing. My gamertag is X ButtOuskI X

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