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my xbox 360 says it wont connect to xbox live (it wont connect to the internet) what shall i do? plz help?



  1. to connect to xbox live, you need to plug ur ethernet cable into the roudter if its to far away in ur house than buy a new one and put it up in ur room. then plug it in. then buy the gold membership.silver is gay u cant talk on it and u can connect.o and dont forget to fill in the IP address and stuff.

  2. Switch off your console, switch off your internet router and unplug it for 15 seconds before switching it back on. Try connecting again and if it still doesn’t work check everything is plugged in correctly. Also are you using ethernet cable or a wireless adapter?

  3. how is it connected

    make sure the ethernet wire is connected right

    the 360 doesnt connect on slow connections

    there should be a light in the ethernet port to tell you its connected correctly

    ethernet port is the phone line looking wire exept it has alot of little gold stripes in the plug.

    try turning off your firewall

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