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My PS3 Controller won’t charge – Anymore.?_?


Hey everyone,

Alright, so here’s the deal, my PS3 Controller won’t charge anymore, it’s brand new from Walmart (Just got it yesterday.) It’st A Black DualShock 3 Controller and I had forgotten to buy A Controller Charger (Walmart sold them seperate, I didn’t know this!) And so I used my Mic Controller, worked perfectly, worked perfectly when it was charging from my USB’s within my Computer aswell as my PS3 USB’s, I did spill water on the Mic USB charger but no harm done, worked perfectly w/The Controller&The Mic no matter what USB Ports it was plugged within to, but the next day.It stopped working with the PS3 Controller, but not with the Mic, help?

The Mic is a Wireless BlueTooth head-set.

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  1. Charge your controller using one of the PS3’s usb ports. That’s the proper way to charge it. (A separate charger isn’t needed.) If your controller won’t charge using the usb ports, take it back.

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