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issues setting up xbox live?


problem 1.i cant connect to xbox live bcuz it cant read my ip address i went to xbox support to help get my ip address i did what it told me to do and it still cant read my ip address i have a verizonwireless modem so i went to verizonwireless.com and i cant even find a way to tell them what my problem is.problem 2.when i go 2 register my 360 it says my browser isnt accepting cookies so i went to the tools icon on top of the screen set the little bar at accept all cookies tried to register again but it still says my browser wont accept cookies i restarted my computer to make sure but no dice please help

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  1. You don’t need to have to worry about your PC browser settings for Xbox 360 to connect to Xbox Live on the internet.

    Make sure your router or modem is setup to login to your ISP’s broadband connection without the need for a PC (to enter the username/password – this PPoE login should be done by the modem or router and setup via it’s admin pages). Otherwise you will have to setup the PPoE username/password on the Dashboard of your Xbox 360 – read the manual or check the xbox.com support website for details if you can figure out the menu. It sits under the SYSTEM (Blade) and NETWORKS (menu option) in the Dashboard.

    Good luck.

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