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Is this true about the Xbox One?


Okay so I know that E3 was today and I meant to record it to watch it but I forgot.

I am trying to look online on what was said but I can’t find anything.

For the people who watched it online or on Spike, can you tell me if these things are true.

1) Is it really $499?

2) Is there really a monthly fee?

3) Does the kinect always have to be connect to the Xbox One?

And any other information that I should know would be very much appreciated!


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  1. Yes it is $499

    There is a monthly fee for xbox live but i think that is opitional for the xbox one

    yes it has to always be connected

    i will never get the xbox one because they have the kinet always on for a reason, to spy on you and lisan to your conversations. They said it themselves. The kinect can sense eye movment and heart rating AND they can see how many people are in the room. If someone is with you and not paying for what you are playing on the xbox they can restrict the content from you. Its really stupid. there are NO used games and you have to check online every 24 hours. If you dont have internent you cant play it. Wait for the ps4. The new xbox is gonna be crap.

  2. Lol! I didnt even know about the $500. price tag! They never learn do they. On top of everything else now this steaming pile of crap is $500.! I think they are sick of doing consoles and want to fale.

  3. Kinect always has to be with the xbox for it to work and there is several fees unless you log in like every 2 days or something?

  4. 1. Yes it is $499 in the USA and £429.00 in the UK

    2. XBOX Live Gold always has been charged extra to the console. This will remain as is for the XBOX One

    3. It has been confirmed you have to have the Kinect connected to the XBOX One, but it can be turned off as in mic and camera turned off.

    Regarding number 2. You need XBOX live Gold membership to play games online with friends, amongst other things.

  5. 1) yes

    2) the monthly fee is the gold membership which may be required

    3) you can have it removed for blu ray but it has to be connected after an hour offline

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