Home Playstation Forum Is there something up with the PSN (playstation network)?

Is there something up with the PSN (playstation network)?


I need to know because when I clicked on my Metal Gear Online It took me back to the Playstation 3 system home and now that I go smackdown vs raw Every time I try to join a match it says “Session no longer available”, so when I go to create one it says “Please try again later”.

Is there something wrong with the network this happened about 5 minutes ago

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  1. Im on it right now and it’s working fine for me, but at times when they are adding features to the Playstation Store, it might glitch for a minute or two, although this hardley ever happens. My best guess is that your internet connection is on thin ice and barely stable, check it and make sure everything is running fluently, Also this problem could eventually go away, try giving it some time. If all else fails then contact sony and they will help you out, go to there site for there phone number.

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