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Is there a way to get the ring of death without raising my electricity bill and burning my house down?


My 360 is not working right. It cant read discs and it cost more than 90 dollars to repair it. I still have my warranty for red ring of death. How can I make it get rrod without wasting electricity?


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  1. If you open it up and break something inside three flashing red lights should pop up. Granted, this will void your warranty.

  2. I know this sounds like a shady response, but just call them and tell them you’ve gotten the RROD.

    They’ve got way to many Xbox 360’s to repair that they don’t verify that what you’ve said is true. In the end they’ll just receive yours and send you a refurbished console. They will though ask you a few questions like the amount of lights lit up red. Make sure you say three red lights. Four lights means the a/v cable is unplugged.

    Don’t try to break your Xbox. What if it doesn’t work? It’s kinda like trying to break your car’s transmission right before the warranty expires. What if you beat the trans and it doesn’t break, then a day after the warranty expires it does break? The logic behind intentionally breaking stuff really is stupid. You’ll end up in a worse situation in the long run.

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