Home Playstation Forum Is there a PS3 Update loop fix.?

Is there a PS3 Update loop fix.?


Okay, so I was trying to do the ps3 update and when it finished downloading it gets stuck at 65 percent and restarts itself. I have tried holding in the power button to access the “secret menu” but it doesn’t work. Sony said that they would not repair it because i voided my warranty. Is there any way that I can hook my ps3 hard drive to my PC and reformat it that way?

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  1. does the technician in the shop can’t help ya?

    i updated my ps3 last june 2009 and it was successfully updated. i just left it and sleep. and when i woke up. tarann. the update successfully made. and it was so cOoL. they added some menu. ^^

    to be assure on that.

    just try to go to a technician

    help me

    [url is not allowed]

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