Home Xbox Forum is there a new xbox coming out soon?

is there a new xbox coming out soon?


I am thinking about getting a new Xbox for christmas but i dont wanna get it if microsoft will make a new one really soon so i guess my question is

Should I get an Xbox 360 for christmas? or is their a new xbox coming out soon?

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  1. You should buy XBOX 360 i really amazing.The xbox 720 is the new one but is coming 2011 or 2012(microsoft confirmed)Play GTA 4 on xbox 360 or Skate They are relly good games.

  2. get a 360 , think of the space of time there was between the xbox and the xbox 360 , and the 360 is definitely worth it

  3. A PlayStation 4 and potential ‘Xbox 720’ could arrive as early as 2011, estimates Crytek president and CEO Cevat Yerli. Industry analyst Colin Sebastian agrees, suggesting that “the general consensus amongst industry professionals is that a new generation of home consoles will arrive on the market in 2011 or 2012.”

  4. Good question, Sony will have had the PS4 in their mind already, Nintendo will have plans for Wii 2.

    It’s no surprise Microsoft are looking 3-4 years ahead and are planning the third Xbox console, recently Microsoft scrapped a game for the 360, hoping to use it in a few years for the release of their new console.

    So don’t worry, theres not going to be a new xbox for around 2-4 years my friend.

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