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is it worth it to buy a ps2?


Honestly the graphics don’t bother me it’s just the * resolutions and dated gameplay. I’m aware that there will be no new game’s coming out I just wanna play some classics. I just sold my ps3 and broke my ps4 failed on me and I’m kinda low on cash right now so is the ps2 still worth a buy?

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  1. Just get ps3 60gb version which is backward compatible. This console model has four front usb slots and memory card readers. I owned ps3 but it didn’t read the ps2 discs. I bought one from ebay (pain around £40). Perfect condition, still can enjoy my ps2 games collection and play ps3 games.

  2. Yes it’s still worth a buy. Honestly you can still find * frame rates on the ps4, but the resolution was never a problem. If anything the newer consoles are too large in the res department.

    Anyway yeah because a crap ton of great amazing games were released for that system. It’s up there with ps1 in terms of sheer volume of games and the high ratio of great ones to bad ones.

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