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Is It Possible To Play Pc Games On My Ps3 Without Streaming From A Pc?


I don’t want to stream because I can’t be bothered. Yes or No.


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  1. With Linux, you can play older games without 3D support, such as those that run on the Super NES, NES, Genesis, etc. The reason being that when in Linux mode, the PS3 locks out access to the parts of the GPU that handle 3D processing. You only have 256 MB RAM, even though the PS3 itself has 512 MB RAM (the PS3 has separate RAM to process the graphics and do general processing).

    Below is a site with information on how to install Ubuntu on the PS3. Quite honestly, even though I have had issues and couldn’t be bothered, I would recommend Xubuntu because it runs on lighter computers. Ubuntu ran too slow for me.

    I would also like to add that PS3 Linux would be too slow to run Windows in emulation. You’re better off looking for Linux versions of the older games.

    Best of luck.

  2. yes AND no.

    The ps3 cannot and will not at anytime play modern p.c. games, but if you install Linux and only if you install Linux you can run emulators to play older system games like Sega genesis nes etc.now if your good with Linux, its possible to run a windows emulator on it.with that emulator you can run older p.c. games such as Doom, Diablo, Star craft, but a game like warcraft or guild wars will never play on it

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