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Is a PS3 backward compatible?


It has 160GB written on the box. The manual says that it is compatible with PS1 but when I try to load my discs the game won’t start. Why?

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  1. All PS3s are PS1 / PSX compatible, but there may be some games that may not work due to limited compatibility.

    As for kingrooster38 and Oscar’s comments, they’re talking about PS2 compatibility, which is different. Only certain older Fat models with 4 USB ports (not just one specific model) are PS2 compatible.

    You can read more information about backwards compatibility here:

    [url is not allowed].

  2. the slim ps3’s arent backwards compatible.

    even if you have the fat model, it has to be either 20gb,40gb,60gb in order for it to be backwards compatible because they were the first models to have come out

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