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If I get a new playstation will all my stuff be erased PLEASE ANSWER?


I have an account and I have a BUNCH of stuff saved on that account like black ops classes and other stuff so if I get a new ps3 and log in my account will I have all my classes and kills and stuff and you know everything saved on it? If not can I get my memory card from my old ps3 and put it in a new one and have all my stuff back? If none of thos work then is there any way? If so them please tell me PLEASE ANSWER thanks :)Xx

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  1. Yeah everything will be saved because it will go through your trophy data and pick up where you was. And yes you can also take the memory and put it back in there ONLY if its the exact same ps3. Don’t worry theres nothing going to be erased

  2. Try saving them to a USB drive, But anything that you buy on the playstation store, you can redownload it to your new playstation.

  3. First off, there is NO memory card on the PS3, it’s a HARD DRIVE. IF the original PS3 works, and you have PS+, you can upload your game save data to the PS+ cloud storage then download the save data to your new PS3. Anything you have online, on PSN or your game accounts, will stay online, saved online on your PSN / gaming online accounts. Note the keyword here is ONLINE. Otherwise you can re-download any data from your PSN account such as any games / DLC and re-sync your trophies.

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