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I put a game in my PS3 and it loaded up, but now it’s frozen and won’t turn off by the power button?


What the hell happened?
Have you guys ever had this happen with your ps3? I was playing Killzone 3 the other day online and it froze also, but I was able to turn it off by the power button

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  1. Unplug the the console from the AC outlet! Wait for about 5 minutes then plug it back in and turn it on! If this continues to happen, call Sony because you may have a hardware issue!

  2. Pull the plug, then turn it back on and then eject as soon as it turns on. Look at the disk and see if its scratched, try a new disk after that see if that loads up. If it does then try cleaning the other one and reinsert it. Ive also had games that wouldn’t load up properly because the memory is corrupted so delete the memory for the game and then try reloading it. If none of these things worked the game is most likely damaged to bad throw it away and rebuy it. If none of your other games work though its the PS3.

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