Home Playstation Forum i need ps3 can not connect to the internet?

i need ps3 can not connect to the internet?


hi there i bought this ps3 a few days ago i can not get it to connect into my internet. its going tho a cisoc e1000 the wireless security is wpa2/wpa mixed mode. i get failed to obtain a ip address any ideals how to fix this. do not know if its rounter or ps3 but then i turn on friends computer after trying the ps3 and his labtop connects right in but the ps3 does not. would be awesome to get this fixed

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  1. you might have to register the mac address of the router with your isp.the router already has a mac address assigned to it. usually isp’s have websites were you can register the mac address. it wouldn’t hurt to register the ps3’s to.if you need more help pm me.

    i have a wireless home setup.

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