Home Xbox Forum i just got fallout new vegas, but its too hard for me?

i just got fallout new vegas, but its too hard for me?


i love this game a lot but i just cant handle it, i find it very hard to kill enemies especially when they are bunched up together. so do you have any other good suggestions for games for the xbox 360 because i am going to trade in new vegas tomorrow

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  1. dude. don’t do it. yes some enemies take a long time to kill. but when that happens, just stay away from those. do easier missions (like ones that don’t involve fighting) wait ’till u level up and find new and better weapons. its an extremely fun game. also u can turn down the difficulty level. also, make sure u always have tons of stimpaks with u.

    just keep playing, it gets much easier. and much much funner.

    but here are some games that are fun if u do decide to sell it (which i strongly don’t recommend)

    Red Dead Redemption

    Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

    Skate 3

    Halo Reach

    FIFA 11

    FIFA 10 South Africa World Cup

    Call of Duty Black Ops

    Medal of Honor

    Battlefield Bad Company 2

    those are some awesome games. but like i said, don’t get rid of Fallout New Vegas

  2. Turn down difficulty by going to menu>settings>difficulty. Trust me the farther you get the easier it becomes. also USE VATS

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