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How to you sync a wireless remote to a broken xbox?


Hey all,

i bought my xbox the first day they came out and iv loved it. Recently i decided that i would like a wireless remote for it, so i went to gamestop and bought one. to my dismay, it doesnt work. i tried everything stated in the instruction manual (new batteries, ect.) but it still wouldn’t sync with my xbox. So i packed up my xbox and the remote and went back to gamestop. at gamestop they were able to figure out it wasnt the remote that was malfunctioning, but the xbox. they assumed if i was able to sync the remote once, then it should work on my xbox fine. we tried using a newer wireless remote, and that charging device that you plug you wireless remote directly to the xbox but that didnt seem to do anything. So my question is, does anyone know how to Sync my double a powered wireless xbox remote to my xbox that doesn’t want to sync.

P.S. my xbox isn’t really broken, it still plays games and everything it just wont sync.

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