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How should I keep my Xbox cool?


Okay I have the 60gb xbox 360 and I noticed it started freezing sometimes. I need to keep it cool, and people are saying intercoolers are a waste. The one thing I did was install the game to my hard drive, what other things can I do to keep it cool? (don’t say play less because there are a lot of people using it)

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  1. Keep it well ventilated on ALL sides, top bottom left right, DONT put it on carpet, also DONT have a fan or anything else blowing directly on it, the xbox blows heat out and doesnt need air pushing against the fans, yes intercoolers are a waste and sometimes do more hard then good, I also dont suggest putting it by an air conditioner, however an air conditioned room certainly wont hurt. Do regular cleaning, DONT smoke by it, smoke kills electronics quicker then an old lady.

  2. My husband says to not put anything around it, like games, other game systems, ect. Also you could try putting it near an air conditioner, fan, ect Happy Gaming!

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