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How do I get audio from my PS3 to go through my monitor?


I have a 19″ HDCP-supported Dell monitor, this: [url is not allowed]

I bought a female RCA to 3.55 mm male adapter and an HDMI to DVI adapter. I plugged the HDMI into my DVI adapter then plugged that into the monitor. Nothing happened. So my external snap-on speaker has two headphone inputs, and it has a digital output that can go to my monitor. I plugged that in, then plugged the RCA adapter into the headphone input. I got video, but no sound.

I know plugging the 3.55 mm shouldn’t work, since it’s in the headphone jack. But there’s no other input to plug it into. I don’t have a PC to connect it to, either. What do I do?

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  1. usi9ng dvi means your ps3 is not sending any audio to the monitor and that there is no audio for those speakers or headphones to pick up , it is not possible with that setup to get any audio

    there is only one setup that would allow use of that monitor and audio.

    1. buy a stereo system ( receiver and speakers ) that has the red and white inputs for your ps3 a/v cable. connect the speakers

    2. connect the ps3 a/v cable from the console to the receiver , in the ps3 settings enable audio multi out

    this will push audio to the receiver and let you use hdmi / dvi for video

    basically you’re going to have to spend a few hundred on a receiver and speakers , or buy a stereo headset for your ps3 like the sony pulse elite ( $ 150 ) and get audio to the headset

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