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How do i free up space on my PS3?


I’m going to try and be as specific as possible seeing that this question was asked numerous times, but I’ve already done all of the stuff in those answers.

I have a 60 GB PS3. It says I have less then 500 MB remaining. So I deleted almost all the games in “Game Data Utility” that were over 1000 MB. Now, I only have DC Universe which takes up 16 GB, and everything else is under 200 MB. So, I would say that altogether, [including, Saved Data Utility (PS3), Memory Card Utility, etc.] takes up about 20 GB of memory.

I deleted all my demos, videos, music, photos, and only have Infamous and Little Big Planet (downloaded from the PSS) which altogether adds up to a lot less that 15gb. And I’m being super generous with the general memory. I’m adding another gb or 2 to be on the safe side.

With all that said, I’ve used up roughly 35gb of space (including saved data utility, game data utility, videos, demos, photos, and any back up data in the system options menu.) My PS3 is telling me I only have 6205 MB/ 55 GB.

Please help =[

What can I do to free up more space? I should have at least 15-20 GB left. Unfortunately, I will not be buying a new hard drive for my PS3, I absolutely refuse to waste money on a laptop HDD if I’m not even using it for my laptop.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated =]

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  1. Well what about having other accounts on your ps3, if you do you can imagine all the game saves, and install data that they are using up

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