Home Xbox Forum How do i enter an avatar code on the xbox?

How do i enter an avatar code on the xbox?


I have like 4 of them and i would like to use them

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  1. When you are signed into your gamertag, click the center button on your controller. Navigate all the way to the left and click on redeem code

  2. When you sign in, hit the Guide button (the huge chrone and green button between the Select button and the Start button). Once open, move the analog stick (the left one) all the way to the left, the second option says “Redeem Code”, type in one of the codes, and you will recieve your item, then do the other 3. Once done, press the Guide button again, and go all the way to the right, click on “Profile”, which is the first option, go to “Edit Profile”, which is also the first option, and go down to “Avatar”, which is about 4th to last. Once there find whatever category your item was (I.E. a hat, prop, etc.) and click it to wear it.

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