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hi guyz PROBLEM ps3 game?


hi guyz my parents are working in saudi arabia and they bought me a ps3 game that is “asassins creed” but in fact i have heard rumors saying that there is a REGION LOCK. MY ps3 is a US made console. so what should i do. its too late now to return back the Cd that they just bought. 🙁 a 59.99$ game
YES. tnx.i cannot play it yet because its a gift for me in dec.i think they bought is an english one(there not dumb i guess) hehehe.tnx phew im very worried.

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  1. Do you have the game and have you tried playing the game on your PS3? PS3 games are supposed to be region free. The only problem you might come across is that it’s in Arabic instead of English.

  2. No, all PS3 games are region free.

    There is no such game in the world that is in Arabic language.

    You will be fine.

  3. dont u hate it in qs like this

    the persons like o thanks

    but they never pick a best answer

    pick one

    not this one

    this sucks

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