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Good co-op 360 games! Rpg style?


A friend and I were playing Lotr war in the north but it glitched us at mirewood which is frustrating so does anyone know any similar games that are good with few glitches? I enjoyed games like skrim! I have played call of duty , halo , left 4 dead , army of two baasicly all major shooter games so don’t suggest it. Thanks

Oh and we are playing on e same Xbox so it has to have a built in co-op can’t be through Xbox live

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  1. Borderlands 2. It’s the best co-op game of the year on 360. It’s technically a shooter RPG but its the most funny, fun, and engaging video game I have ever played in my life. Also Borderlands 2 has an amazing split screen feature, TONS of DLC and amazing forum support for quest help, item finding, and general support.

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