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god of war on ps3.?


i was just wondering how god of war on ps2 is the same on ps3.like number 1 and 2 on ps2 is the same as the god of war collection just its better graphics and stuff on ps3.because i wanna buy number 3 and have played 1 and 2 on ps2 and dint want to pay for god of war on ps3 for no reason?

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  1. Is awesome! I never had the chance to play god on the ps2, but I bought collection today! is such a great game! the god3 demo is good also, but is 2.6gb so yea takes a while to download. I would suggest you get it if your craving a gore game like I was.

  2. it’s exactly the same with hd graphics , dolby surround audio and trophies. most people buying it either just want to play it again or missed it the first time around

  3. GoW 1&2 are the same in the GoW collection for PS3, except the GoW Collection has upgraded graphics, and trophy support.

    It is worth buying if you do not have a backwards compatible PS3 but would like to play them again on your PS3, or if you are a trophy hunter and would like to play them again with trophies:)

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