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Gamertag Ideas For Xbox360 Live?


Well I have changed my gamertag in the past many times and I would like to change it again. REcently they have been:

Seanz behind me

Brutal 1mpact

Digital 5pirit

Now I really want a gamertag that uses the word phantom or ghost or any other mysterious thing. I do not want numbers or xx’s or anything like that just a plain gamertag that uses phantom and stuff. Thankyou

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  1. I always recommend names which sound professional or at least educated. Rather than adding numbers or improper letters to your name, you should pick up a thesaurus and look up some existing terms (which are taken already), then find synonyms for them. Considering adding proper titles in front of them, like Mr. or Mrs. or The to further diversify. I’ve also found some really interesting names in the auto-generator.

  2. I know this website that gives you ideas and there is many you can choose from well here is the link.

    [url is not allowed]

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