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does kinect work with xbox-jasper generation?



I’ve a simple question does the Kinect work with the jasper generation via the normal usb port?

My friend bought one with the slim and i wanna know will it work on my xbox360?

Another question – My friend have an xbox360 slim-4gb and he don’t have a hard disk so if he is going to buy an external hard which is not compatible with the xbox will it work flawlessly with the xbox or does he have to buy one which is fully compatible with the xbox because i heard that if he is gonna buy one he won’t get the full storage and will only get 16gb. is that true?

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  1. Kinect will work with any Xbox 360 made. Difference is, it takes a little more work to get it to work on the older 360 models.

    You should tell your friend to buy the approved 360 slim hard drive. To begin with he should have just bought the 250GB model, since it will cost less in total to have that vs buying the 4GB model & then attaching a 250GB HDD into it.

  2. Kinect can work with any Xbox 360.

    However, if you take the Kinect that came with the slim, you’ll need to buy a separate power adapter from Microsoft that converts the special Kinect connector and supplies the extra power that the Kinect camera needs.

    You can use any USB hard drive or flash drive with the 360, but if it’s not an official Microsoft hard drive then the console can only use up to 16 GB of it, and certain features (Xbox compatibility, some modes of Halo Reach) will not work.

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