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Can you download music to your ps3 or videos?


i was able to download some podcasts

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  1. Yes, but I guess it depends on the site. You can’t install jukeboxes or programs that are required for album or song download so you can’t use Itunes or anything. Amazon.com sells MP3s at 89 cents or 99 cents a song, you can download that music as its just pay with credit card and download begins.

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  3. You can download movies and shows from the Playstation Store. you can also upload Movies and music from a USB drive.

  4. If you mean from your I-pod yes. You just plug in the i-pod as normal and instead of the USB port in your compiter, use the USB port in your PS3. Also works with videos. Or, you can download songs and stuff onto an SD card then put it inside your ps3.

  5. I HAVE A PS3

    u can always go to ps store and get there bullshit crap but here:



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