Home Playstation Forum can i use my ps3 controller to control my psp?

can i use my ps3 controller to control my psp?


not psp go, just a regular black psp.

and what are some other things psp and ps3 can do together?

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  1. To put it as simple as I can the answer is no, and what would be the point? you would better off just using the buttons on the PSP.

  2. ps3 controller.

    This one is the best ps3 controller.

    DualShock 3 Wireless Controller

    Product Features

    Color: White

    * DualShock 3 brings back the rumble feature for full gameplay immersion

    * Bluetooth Wireless connection to your system, plus USB-USB mini cable for play-and-charge option

    * L2 and R2 analog trigger buttons

    * Highly sensitive motion sensing system so as you move the controller the game moves with it

    * Compatible Systems – PlayStation 3 120GB system, PlayStation 3 160GB system, PlayStation 3 20GB system, PlayStation 3 40GB system, PlayStation 3 60GB system, PlayStation 3 80GB system

  3. no

    only pspGo can synch to a ps3 controller , the others don’t have bluetooth capability necessary to connect a ps3 controller

    you can link your psp and ps3 to allow remote play of compatible ps3 games or access the ps3 messages remotely over wifi , download psp games , minis and ps1 classics to the ps3 and copy to your psp with a usb cable ( basically buy psp games through the playstation store on ps3 and store them on the ps3 hdd ) or use the ps3 internet connection and adhoc add-on to allow play of online psp games that are adhoc capable using the ps3 usb connection

  4. yea you can. i think you could use the psp as a rearview mirror in some driving game sorry cant recall the name

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