Home Playstation Forum Can anyone tell me some good 1080p PS3 shooters?

Can anyone tell me some good 1080p PS3 shooters?


Hello. I have an 1080p TV and i know that not a lot of games are in 1080p for PS3. But some games are. I can’t afford PS4 so im on PS3. Can anyone tell me some good PS3 1080p shooters?

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  1. what difference is it if the game is 1080p or 720p , even 1080p games will be lowered to 720p quality in the online mode because that makes it use less bandwidth and less likely to lag

    just buy the games you think are fun and enjoy them and don’t worry if its 720p or 1080p graphics ,

    even many ps4 games are not 1080p and when they are its lowered to 720p online to make the game run smoother and be lag free

  2. There aren’t that many out there really and not any I know of for the type you’re looking for. The majority of PS3 (and Xbox 360 too) games are 720p at most because that’s the max they can handle. The games that do run in 1080p on PS3 are less demanding games like Rayman Legends which is a side-scroller game.

    Sorry, if you want 1080p shooters you’ll have to wait for PS4.

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