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call of duty for new player what are the ups and downs for the series?


Im thinking of getting call of duty modem warfare 2 what is the game like playing online is it worth buying for ps3? what are the best call of duty games and what is the overall rating for call of duty

modem warefare 2

please give me a summery of the ups and down for this game

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    All the servers have been getting hacked!! im 8 prestige and sone idiot reset everything iv done; no more emblems, titles and all of my classes have been reset. It’s not worth it anymore. Sry to dissapoint.

  2. without a doubt Modern Warfare 2 is still a high ranking game on call of duty categories.

    Although the new Black ops came out for call of duty, it doesn’t compare to the great online gameplay. Killstreak rewards, many guns and a variety of fun maps, also add-ons.

    Although its been the best game of 2009 its still a great game. The story/ campaign have great stories and hooks to keep you wondering. Now im not going to tell you more just because its great and i dnt wanna spoil it for you. There are some set-backs but that’s because its full of traitors. hah you’ll see what i mean.

    But other than that, around 10,000,000 people play online day and night, and that’s just team deathmatch.

    you should try some other game modes such as headquarters pro team deathmatch pro free for all search and destroy and many more!

    Go ahead, give it a try!

  3. Like the second guy said, DO NOT BUY MW2 and MW1 as of the moment because the PS3 version has been hacked like a week ago and there aren’t no fix for now until Sony releases another security patch/firmware update.

    What happens is that your online record will either be reset or be maxed out suspiciously and then what follows is either your PSN account will be hacked and played around by the foolish hacker nerds. These had something to do with the recent PS3 jailbreak and it’s not going anywhere as of now.

    Before this problems, MW2 online has already been hacked from the beginning and cheaters usually dominate the game 9 times out of 10 and just make life miserable for us honest gamers. Imagine that happening to you since you are “new” like you said.

    Your safe bet would be to get Black Ops for now although it also have some hacking issues but it’s not as bad as MW2.

    I will rank the Cal of Duty games I played:

    1. MW1 (ups: great story and online/downs: too grandiose story)

    2. World at War (ups: great story and Nazi Zombies/downs: multiplayer weapons are sh*t)

    3. Black Ops (ups: Nazi Zombies and balanced multiplayer/downs: story is ok but sh*t for the most part)

    4. CoD 3 (ups: great story)

    5. CoD 1 (well this is the original that started it all and popularized the FPS genre)

    6. CoD 2 (well, so-so but still great)

    7. MW2 (ups: Spec Ops missions/downs: worst f*cking story, online multiplayer is a joke)

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