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Bluetooth Question for games?


I needed a headset for the ps3. My cheap budget spending wife got me one from Wal-Mart. It was like $10-15. I had problems trying to configure it with my Ps3. Am I doing anything wrong or my bluetooth isn’t legit?

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  1. i recommend taking the bluetooth back, get a TURTLE BEACH P21 for ps3

    they are great quality & reliable (but at a price of $70-$80)the price isn’t bad considering you need to buy a new bluetooth at least every 4 months

  2. What is wrong with the headset? Is the audio not registering? Do you not know the code to sync it?

    More details would be great. I had issues with mine as well though. I can answer a few of the general problems most users have while syncing them.

    The code to sync them by default is usually 0000 or the last 4 digits in the devices serial # (should be specified on the device or in the manual)

    Also after syncing the device you have to go to audio settings and change the input to the blue tooth device.

    Also, in order to get your device in sync mode you usually hand to press and hold the power and either the + or – volume button until usually the devices (On) light starts blinking or alternating colors.

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