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Black Ops II or Ghosts?


Should I get Black Ops II or Ghosts

I didn’t play my PS3 for a long time. Did a little bit at the start if the year but that was cause my bro got GTA V. I play a lot more now but only GTA online. It seems like all my friends play BOII more than Ghosts tho.

Which should I get? Or should I just wait for the new one? I don’t wanna get black ops II and then have all the lobbies be like in the first black ops(played it today and they were so empty)

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  1. I heard ghosts is sooo bad. I really enjoyed Black ops 2 and it was one of my favorite games to play up until I got my PS4.

  2. In my opinion, BO II is MUCH better than Ghosts, probably why you see everybody playing it. Ghosts campaign and multiplayer are somewhat lacking, but its alien survival mode, extinction, is phenominal. However, I personally prefer BO II for its awesomw campaign, fun multiplayer and zombies. As for the next CoD, nobody knows if it’ll suck or not, so get BO II! (P.S. GTA5 is awesome as well)

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